Public Question Time Request - Council Meeting (Online Form)


Read the Brimbank Governance Rules if you’d like detailed information about public question time.

What you need to know about submitting a public question for a Council Meeting

  • You can ask two questions per meeting only. If you ask more than two, you will receive a response to the first two
  • Your questions must be brief as possible. There is a 1000 character limit per question
  • Statements unrelated to the question will not be read out
  • Your question may not be read out if it is inappropriate, offensive, or does not relate to Council
  • If your question is not read out, the Chair will note that you submitted a question and the reason in the Governance Rules why it wasn’t read out
  • You must provide your name and address
  • You must submit your question by 3pm the day before the meeting
  • You can submit your question using the form below or you can call Customer Service on 9249 4000 
  • We can translate questions into other languages
  • If your question is read out, a written copy of the answer will be published in the meeting’s minutes and the response will be provided to you in writing
  • If there is a delay in responding to the question we will let you know and answer your question at the next meeting
Your details
e.g. 0414 678 345 or 03 9249 4000

What is your question/s?

Please keep your question as brief as possible as per the requirements in the Governance Rules. There is a 1000 character limit per question.