Council objects to expansion of Ravenhall landfill


Brimbank City Council is objecting to an application for an expansion of the Melbourne Regional Landfill at Ravenhall in the City of Melton.

Chair of Brimbank Administrators John Watson said that the proposed expansion is inconsistent with the directions of the State Government’s Plan Melbourne with regards to better waste management.

”Granting a permit to operate an expanded landfill in the area till 2055 would have significant consequences for Melbourne’s west.

“The existing EPA licensed landfill facility has 7-10 years of remaining capacity. The proposed expansion would provide for continued landfilling until at least 2050.

Council Objects

“Council is objecting to the expansion of the Melbourne Regional Landfill, because the proposed operation of such a large landfill for a further three decades is doesn’t reflect the state government’s Plan Melbourne directions on how to plan for better waste management.

“Over the long term, waste disposal methods in Victoria should be encouraged to evolve with innovative and localised solutions. Council believes that any expansion of the Melbourne Regional Landfill should be limited in size, and considered in stages.

“If an expansion permit is granted, it should not extend beyond 15 years, to allow the application of new technology and management practices as these become available, that will potentially limit our future reliance on landfills, which is not a contemporary form of waste disposal.

“Advances in waste disposal modes over time would open up alternative and better ways to dispose of Victoria’s waste than through amenity-impacting landfills.

Current Problems Should Be Resolved First

“Council also believes that any problems caused by the current Melbourne Regional Landfill must also be resolved before any expansion could be considered.

“Addressing existing amenity impacts of the landfill and ensuring that future impacts are mitigated must form part of any future approval.

“This includes providing a buffer of 1,000 metres including 500 metres within the perimeter of the landfill site, and a further 500 metres from existing and proposed buildings and structures is provided over public land or land owned by third parties,” Mr Watson said.

The Melbourne Regional Landfill site is located within the City of Melton, and is approximately 1.5 kilometres from residential buildings in Brimbank.