Council Paves the Way for Access to Solar Power


Council is making it easier for Brimbank residents to install solar power and save money on their electricity bills.

Brimbank residents are set to access low cost solar systems through two Council endorsed initiatives - the Solar Savers program and Positive Charge solar program.

Under the Solar Savers program, pensioner householders will have the opportunity to install a solar system with no upfront costs. Participating households will gradually pay for their panels with a low interest bank loan over 10 years.

At the same time, power bill savings will more than cover the cost of loan repayments. The Solar Savers model means householders will be at least $100 ahead at the end of each year.

Brimbank Council has also partnered with independent energy experts Positive Charge, a not-for-profit organisation, to offer all residents low cost access to affordable solar energy systems via a carefully vetted set of suppliers.

Mayor of Brimbank, Cr Margaret Giudice said Council recognises that many residents are interested in solar but may be deterred by the upfront costs and the complexity of finding a quality system and installer.

“We are pleased to be expanding services in the community that make it easier for residents to take up renewable energy systems and lower emissions across Brimbank.

“Council is taking the complexity and confusion out of going solar. We’ve done the hard work of finding safe, reliable and trusted services through delivering these two innovative programs,” Cr Giudice said.

Solar Saver Exclusive for Pensioners

Solar Savers is provided exclusively to pensioner householders. Solar Savers ensures solar is the right choice and that it will save householders money. The program helps organise the installation of a quality solar system from a trusted installer. Solar Savers will monitor the system and help pensioner householders make the most of their new solar panels.

The Positive Charge program is offered to all Brimbank residents to help simplify the purchasing and installation of a solar system. The program offers independent advice and support, and access to tried and tested solar providers offering low cost quality assured solar systems.

For more information, residents can expect to receive a letter outlining the Solar Savers and Positive Charge programs, including contact details for both programs.