Council wants building design to improve environmental performance


Brimbank Council is proposing an amendment to the planning scheme to ensure that new developments would be assessed against sustainable design measures before being granted a planning permit.

Amendment C201 proposes the inclusion of an Environmentally Sustainable Policy (ESD) into the Brimbank Planning Scheme.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Margaret Giudice said it was another step in the Council’s journey to encourage greater environmental sustainability in Brimbank.

“Brimbank has been encouraging greater environmental sustainability in the built environment for many years.

“Introducing an ESD Policy into the Brimbank Planning Scheme would make sure that sustainable design principles are more strongly embedded in the planning permit process.

“We want development to achieve best practice in environmentally sustainable development, from the design stage right through to construction and operation.

“The sustainable design requirements seek to reduce negative impacts on the environment, and on the health and comfort of people who live or work in these buildings.

“Sustainably designed developments will help Brimbank cut energy and water consumption, and cope better with the effects of a warming climate. The aim is to encourage better social, environmental and economic outcomes for our community.

“In the long run, Brimbank will become a more resilient and sustainable city,” Cr Giudice said.

Many councils already have ESD policies in their planning schemes, while several others, like Brimbank are considering introducing it.

Amendment C201 is being proposed as part of a ‘Group Council Amendment’ in which multiple councils who are planning to introduce an ESD policy to their planning schemes can potentially coordinate the amendment process together.

Council will seek authorisation for Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendment C201 from the Minister for Planning, and subject to this authorisation, will exhibit the proposed amendment for a month.