Council welcomes $5 billion Federal pledge for Melbourne Airport rail link


Brimbank Council has welcomed the Federal Government’s $5 billion pledge towards building the long awaited rail link from Melbourne to the Airport, a rail link the State Government has already committed to building.

A game changer for the West

Brimbank Mayor Cr Margaret Giudice said the federal funding commitment is another step forward to the much needed rail link.

“Back in November, Premier Daniel Andrews announced support for the rail link to come through Sunshine. This is a hugely exciting project for the west - and we want to work together with all levels of government and get this project moving!

“We believe that the route should ensure maximum connectivity across metro Melbourne and Regional Victoria - bringing the route out west will be a game changer for the western region, unlocking huge economic benefits for the entire region including Brimbank.

“Brimbank is the heart of Melbourne’s west – and we know from the massive population growth around that the region will be the size of Adelaide by the 2030s.

“A Sunshine stop would open up big benefits for metropolitan and regional commuters, and for the booming western suburbs of Melbourne.

“It offers the potential to unlock Melbourne’s west, delivering jobs growth and tourism opportunities to boost the west.

“We will continue to lobby the state and federal governments to head west,” Cr Giudice said.

It is essential that the link is integrated with metropolitan and regional trains – and supported by well-planned bus services.

Brimbank Council has asked the Victorian Government to develop an Integrated Transport Plan for Melbourne’s West – one that will allow for comprehensive planning at a local level to maximise the economic, environmental and efficiency benefits of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link.

More Information

A Melbourne Airport Rail Link from Melbourne’s CBD to Melbourne Airport, stopping in Sunshine will:

  • be transformative for the West of Melbourne and regional Victoria.
  • deliver a reliable, frequent and affordable service to and from the Melbourne Airport for metropolitan and regional residents, capitalising on Sunshine’s connections with the Melbourne Metro Rail and Regional Rail Link.
  • offer metropolitan and regional commuters access to the Melbourne Airport
  • help meet the public transport needs of Melbourne’s booming western suburbs - by 2031 the population in Melbourne’s west is forecast to reach 1,110,700, (227,500 in Brimbank)¹.
  • eliminate the need for people from the West, and the regional areas, to travel into the city to catch a bus to the airport, and would also address vehicle congestion by providing an alternative and sustainable mode of transport to and from Melbourne Airport.
  • be a significant economic driver, supporting the development of the Sunshine National Employment Cluster, and tourism more broadly in Melbourne and Victoria’s west. Approximately 4 million people visit the region annually, and the ‘Visiting Friends and Relatives’ market is worth over $2.8 billion to Melbourne’s economy.
  • have the potential to unlock the west – delivering jobs growth and tourism opportunities to boost Brimbank, Melbourne’s west and regional Victoria.