Council welcomes safe asbestos test results

Brimbank Council has welcomed advice from the EPA that results from asbestos testing in Sunshine North have been assessed as safe.

Chair of Administrators John Watson thanked both the EPA and the Department of Health and Human Services for their efforts in investigating legacy issues and current concerns regarding asbestos in the vicinity of the former Wunderlich site.

“I would also like to thank the Expert Advisory Group that has been advising on public health matters relating to asbestos in Sunshine North,” Mr Watson said.

“These test results regarding current exposure are very positive, however, legacy issues do remain for people who lived, worked or played nearby while the site was in operation.

“People are encouraged to contact their GP if they have any concerns about their potential exposure to asbestos during this time.

“Following today’s open house (Tuesday 30 June), the findings report and a range of fact sheets will be available on Council’s website page Asbestos Concerns in Sunshine North."

“The focus of asbestos concerns in Sunshine North reminds us of the dangers of this once commonly used building material.

“Council’s Environmental Health Department can provide advice and referral for people that have any questions regarding asbestos materials in their home.

“The illegal dumping of asbestos also continues to be a scourge in Brimbank. Residents are urged to please report the illegal dumping of asbestos and other materials,” Mr Watson said

Report Illegal Dumping
You can help keep Brimbank clean by reporting illegal dumping to Council immediately

If a person is detected committing littering offences they can be prosecuted through the Magistrates Court and face conviction and heavy fines.