Brimbank Community Profile

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has started releasing information from the 2021 Census of Population and Housing.  This can be found at the City of Brimbank idcommunity profile.

This information helps you, our community groups, investors, and businesses understand our demographics, housing, education, transport, economy and more.

Graphs of highlights of Brimbank demographics -Use download link for accessible pdf

Download this Snapshot of Brimbank's Community (pdf, 178kb).


This Snapshot provides information on the Health of Brimbank’s Community, and is based on first and second release data from the 2021 Census of Population and Housing.

Download this snapshot of the Health of Brimbank's Community (pdf 163kb)

    Brimbank District Profiles

    The profiles provide a brief glimpse into the demographic and economic data for the five Brimbank Districts. The profiles were created primarily from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016 Census data.

    Population and Household Forecasts data provides projections about our population and household characteristics for suburbs and districts up to 2041.

    Brimbank Community Atlas includes our key socio-demographic characteristics presented as interactive maps. We prepare each map using Census Collector Districts, providing much detail to help identify spatial patterns and trends.

    The Brimbank Atlas of Health and Education informs planning to improve the health and education outcomes of those who live, work, or study in our area. The atlas is one result from our partnership with the Australian Health Policy Collaboration.

    Brimbank Health and Wellbeing Municipal Scan 2020

    Under the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, local governments are required to develop a four year Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan that outlines actions to enable residents to achieve maximum health and wellbeing.

    To help identify health and wellbeing priorities Council is required to conduct an examination of the data about health status and health determinants in the municipality.

    The findings from this analysis can be found in the Brimbank Health and Wellbeing Municipal Scan 2020 (.pdf 3.8mb).