Council's community blueprint for advocacy and investment


Brimbank Councillors have voted unanimously to endorse the draft Annual Budget 2017/18 and Council Plan 2017–2021 for public consultation. Cr Hedditch said “The new independent Brimbank Council puts community first".

Brimbank Councillors have voted unanimously to endorse the draft Annual Budget 2017/18 and Council Plan 2017–2021 for public consultation with Mayor Cr John Hedditch saying the documents deliver a community blueprint for advocacy and investment.

Cr Hedditch said “The new independent Brimbank Council puts community first. Since being elected we have already advocated to the Victorian Government on a range of issues including the sale of school sites, combating illegal dumping and the expansion of the Ravenhall tip.

“These important Council documents are a further step in making it clear we will stand up for Brimbank.

“Both documents were put together with input from our local community.

Community Involved

“Earlier this year almost 600 community members got involved in helping to shape the Council Plan and our budget priorities.

“Working together we will build resilience and make Brimbank the best place to live, work and invest in Victoria.

“Our vision for Brimbank is to be ‘vibrant, harmonious and welcoming, a great place to live, work and grow’.

“We are a proudly multicultural community – with 46 per cent of residents born overseas, mainly from non-English speaking countries.

“Both the Council and local community embrace our diversity, it’s part of what makes Brimbank great and what will make us even better.

“As outlined in our draft Council Plan, our goal for Brimbank is to be an inclusive, liveable and prosperous community led by a responsive and innovative ‘Community First’ Council.

Challenges Lie Ahead

“We don’t underestimate the challenge ahead – we have to contend with cost shifting, a reduction in state and federal grants and a limited income.

“Despite these obstacles, we have the western suburbs’ fighting spirit and will do the best we can within the financial constraints we face.

“Advocacy is essential to make sure that Brimbank gets its fair share and a fair go.

“We need critical infrastructure and services to meet community demands and to tackle the perpetual disadvantage our community has experienced for too long.

“We will ask all levels of government, and the private and not for profit sectors, to put a stake in ground and help the Brimbank community rise and shine even further.

Healthy Capital Works Program Proposed

“I’m pleased to say that through responsible financial management our budget includes a healthy capital works program.

“We have committed $60.1 million to maintain and enhance the city’s community buildings, roads, parks, playgrounds, sports facilities, town centres and other operational assets.

“Investment in the built and natural environments is also crucial to maintaining a strong sense of pride in our community, and speaking for the Councillors, there is no place we would rather call home.

Strengthening Community

“The budget also outlines a range of new initiatives aimed at strengthening community capacity, encouraging health and wellbeing and enhancing our cultural opportunities.

“Brimbank has pockets of disadvantage and our health and wellbeing indicators fall below the state average in a range of areas.

“Let’s be bold and work together to build on our strengths to tackle the key issues we face to realise our vision for Brimbank,” Cr Hedditch said.

The documents are on public exhibition from 16 May to 14 June.

• Proposed Capital Projects

  • Road improvements, new footpaths and kerb replacements $23.2 million
  • Town centre improvements $6 million

• Sport facilities upgrades and enhancements $8.8 million, including:

• $3.1 million for playgrounds, parks and gardens including the much anticipated new Sunvale Park ($950,000), other projects include:

• Sustainability projects

  • including greenhouse gas reduction programs and improving water efficiencies $1.8 million

• Traffic management $2.5 million

• Bike paths and shared paths to connect our city $2.6 million, including:

  • Harvester Road Sunshine $1.15m
  • Sydenham Rail Corridor $450,000
  • Stradbroke Drive to Percy St, St Albans $300,000

• Improvements to community facilities including air conditioning, heating and playgrounds $1.3 million

• Drainage rehabilitation $0.7 million.

Proposed New Initiatives

  • Prepare a Women’s Participation in Sport and Recreation in Melbourne’s West Action Plan
  • Finalise the Brimbank Age Friendly City Plan
  • Develop options for the future use of Keilor Library
  • Undertake an assessment of Glengala Community Centre to determine maintenance and upgrade requirements
  • Prepare a Community Infrastructure Plan
  • Provide a snake catcher service
  • Increased Maternal and Child Health and Lactation services
  • Develop a Masterplan for the Deer Park Primary School surrounds
  • Support community based festivals including the Keilor Gift and Neighbour Day.
  • Develop a Public Arts Strategy
  • Install five public art murals
  • Implement recommendations from the Management Plan for the HV McKay Memorial Gardens
  • Develop a Clean Green Brimbank Litter Management Strategy
  • Develop and implement an Environmentally Sustainable Design Framework
  • Implement the Education Development Centre at Visy Cares Hub
  • Work with government to deliver an employment initiative to bring together unemployed jobseekers, employers, employment providers and industry bodies
  • Promote Brimbank through the implementation of the Brimbank Tourism Strategy
  • Develop a Brimbank Advocacy Framework
  • Develop a Brimbank Resilience Plan based on the Resilient Melbourne Strategy
  • Develop a Community Engagement Policy and Toolkit.