Developer contributions to meet our growing community needs


Brimbank City Council has approved a development contributions scheme to ensure that new developments pay to help fund essential community and capital infrastructure.

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on 18 July 2017, Council adopted Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendment C187, which includes a Municipal Development Contributions Plan and a Development Contributions Plan Overlay.

Council’s decision was in line with the recommendations of an independent Planning Panel convened by the Minister for Planning to review unresolved community submissions in relation to the amendment, which was exhibited in late 2016.

Contributions fund Brimbank developments

Brimbank Mayor John Hedditch said the financial contributions received from new residential, retail, commercial and industrial development will help to support the development of new infrastructure for Brimbank.

“Council has a responsibility to establish ways to sustain the funding of new physical and social infrastructure to meet our growing community’s needs. Developer contributions are a common mechanism to help provide for new infrastructure and facilities.

“The Municipal Development Contributions Plan establishes a fair and equitable mechanism to collect and direct funding towards the ongoing development of infrastructure for the growing Brimbank community.

“This ensures that the cost of providing new infrastructure is shared between developers and the wider community on an equitable basis. The plan ensures that costs are apportioned according to share of usage of the required infrastructure.

“The outcome for Brimbank will be a funding stream that will help finance the development of new capital infrastructure projects such as roads, footpath and streetscape works as well as community infrastructure projects throughout the municipality.

“The Brimbank Development Contributions Plan identifies 157 new projects that will cost over $110.4 million to deliver. The amount raised by developer contributions each year will depend on the rate of development across Brimbank,” Cr Hedditch said.

Some exemptions

Some types of development will be exempt, including construction of a single dwelling on a lot, replacing an existing dwelling and minor works.

The Brimbank Development Contributions Plan is in line with the State Government’s Contributions Guidelines.

Council’s next step is to forward the Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendment C187 to the Minster for Planning for approval.

For more information, contact Council’s Strategic Planning Unit on 9249 4000.