Dipping our toes

St Albans Leisure Centre Feasibility Study - planning for the future


Yes, you read right.

We're turning our focus to the future of the well-utilised St Albans Leisure Centre.

Council will prepare a full business case to effectively plan for the operating, maintenance and capital costs regarding the redevelopment of the centre as a future capital works project.

This follows the endorsement, in principle, of the St Albans Leisure Centre Feasibility Study at an October Council Meeting.

Brimbank City Council commissioned SGL Consultants to, amongst other things, identify all feasible leisure facility improvement options, propose a range of design options based on level of budget available, and develop financial modelling around the preferred option.

The preferred option was identified as utilising the centre’s existing site, combining the development of a new leisure centre with the option of incorporating community centre facilities with similar spaces available at Keilor Downs Community Centre into the facility.

This option would allow the centre to remain operational during construction and to continue to provide aquatic opportunities to members and the general public.

The indicative capital cost of this option is $41.3 million.

Watch this space!