In-home Support Services

Our Community Supports are available to people aged under 65 and Aboriginal people aged under 50 who need assistance with daily activities, including personal care, dressing, preparing meals, house cleaning, property maintenance, community access and using public transport.

Clients may require this assistance for a variety of reasons.  The most likely reasons for needing support to manage the activities of daily living are physical and/or psychosocial functional impairment related to disability where the person does not meet the threshold for support for the NDIS, or for functional impairment due to chronic illness and/or short-term health conditions.

All services require a client contribution fee for the service depending on your income.

For more information call our team on 9249 4494 or email

Home Care

We provide general home care support to help you, if you feel you need a hand keeping your home safe, clean and tidy. We can help with mopping floors, dusting, changing bed linen and laundry.

Personal Care

We can help you with personal hygiene if you need assistance to shower or bathe, dress and groom. Our qualified and trained staff can offer practical support and assistance.

Respite Care

We can support the primary carers of seniors and people with disabilities in our community by providing valuable relief; giving you a break from your caring responsibilities.

Depending on your care plan, we may be able to provide qualified care at home, or organise the support required for one of our recreational activities.

The way we allocate respite care does depend on available resources, and we always give priority to caregivers in most need.

Home Maintenance and Modifications

Our Home Maintenance and modifications service provides minor household repairs that do not require the skills of a qualified trade’s person such as a licensed electrician or plumber. The service does not undertake tasks which are considered cosmetic repairs. Safety issues are a priority and tasks can include:

  • Changing light bulbs
  • Replacing tap washers
  • Installing smoke alarms
  • Installation of grab/hand rails
  • Hand held shower hose
  • Ramps
  • Step modifications

The service delivery team will contact you to organise a visit time and to discuss your service plan and fees.

Before we install modifications such as hand rails, ramps etc. an Occupational Therapist will need to assess your individual needs. The Occupational Therapist will make recommendations and provide council with details such as diagrams and measurements.

There is a fee for the service (labour) depending on your income and additional cost for any materials.

Delivered Meals

We deliver tasty and nutritious meals to older residents and people with disabilities who are unable to make regular meals and who may be nutritionally at risk. Meal options include soup, sandwiches, main meal, dessert; and fruit juice.

We can provide modified foods (cut, pureed, minced and moist) for people who may have trouble with swallowing. We also cater for some specific requirements relating to a medical conditions such as diabetes. These requirements will be discussed with clients prior to the commencement of service.

Meal delivery times are between 9.00am and 3pm Mondays to Fridays and are delivered in advance for weekends and public holidays. The frequency of delivery is determined by the needs of the client.

A client contribution fee is required from the client. This rate will be determined by a brief income assessment.


The Community Transport Service operates Monday to Saturday for eligible older residents and people with a disability who use Brimbank Community Facilities and Services such as: Senior citizen Groups, Social Support Programs and Shopping.

A pre service commencement checklist/screening will be completed with client.

Community Connections

Our Community Connections program provide a range of activities throughout Brimbank. The program provides an opportunity for clients to attend and participate in social interactions which are conducted away from the client’s home and in, or from, a fixed base facility or community based settings.

Suitability to attend specific programs will be determined by the client’s specific individual needs and transport requirements.