Dogs and cats rejoice! We’ve got you covered for the next four years


Brimbank’s plan for the management of dogs and cats over the next four years has been finalised with the adoption of Brimbank’s Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017-2021.

The draft DAMP was released for community feedback in August. Eighteen online responses were received alongside four written submissions.

Key initiatives outlined in the final Domestic Animal Management Plan include:

  • Additional skills development and training opportunities for Animal Management Officers to improve service provision to the community.
  • Focusing on engagement with culturally and linguistically diverse communities about responsible pet ownership.
  • Increasing contact with the community to identify unregistered animals and increase registration.
  • Review of Council’s cat trapping service and fees to make sure they are accessible to the community.
  • Streamlining of the existing cat-trapping process and nuisance dog reporting process with online services to make these more accessible for residents.
  • Supporting school visits and community activities by Animal Management Officers to raise awareness with children about safety and care with dogs and cats.

Mayor of Brimbank, Cr Margaret Giudice said the Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP) will guide Council’s programs, services and strategies for the management of dogs and cats in Brimbank.

“With more than 10,000 dogs and 3,000 cats registered in Brimbank, it’s important we have a plan in place to outline how we will manage domestic animals in our community.

“This plan seeks to balance the needs of pet owners, the broader community and the animals that share people’s lives.

“The programs and activities outlined in the plan have been developed with the aim to encourage people to enjoy their pets, within a framework of responsible ownership.

“Having considered the feedback received from the community during the recent consultation process, we’ve updated the plan to address the issues and ideas raised, included how we will approach the issue of stray or feral cats going forward,” Cr Giudice said.