Environmental Change on the Cards


The Brimbank Sustainable Water Management Strategy and Greenhouse Reduction Strategy have produced some exciting and significant results.

Water Management Strategy Achievements

  • Harvested, stored and reused more than 100 ML of stormwater per year at Cairnlea, Green Gully Reserve, Keilor Golf Course and Keilor Park Sports Fields
  • Installed a stormwater harvesting system at the Keilor Operations Centre, for washing down vehicles and garbage trucks
  • Installed water saving devices in Council buildings
  • Constructed numerous Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) assets including wetlands, raingardens, swales (grassed drainage areas) and tree pits across Brimbank to improve water quality through the removal of pollutants and litter
  • Switched to warm season grasses at many of Brimbank’s sports and playing fields to reduce irrigation requirements.

What’s Next?

  • Ongoing water efficiency works on Council assets to reduce water consumption, especially for playing fields and open space, including the warm season grass conversion program
  • Increasing the use of available stormwater for irrigation

Greenhouse Reduction Strategy Achievements

  • Replaced more than 8,000 streetlights with energy efficient lights, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and maintenance costs
  • Installed a co-generation plant at Sunshine Leisure Centre, reducing Council’s reliance on buying electricity from the grid
  • Installed energy efficient lighting, insulation and upgraded heating, ventilation and cooling systems at administrative and library buildings
  • Provided information and support to the community on energy efficiency and sustainable living at the Sustainable Living Expo
  • Developed the Energy Saver kit for community members to take home and monitor and improve their homes’ energy efficiency
  • Engaged the community on improving waste disposal and recycling behaviours through the Be a Brimbank Gem program
  • Established the Brimbank Teachers Environment Network (BTEN) to educate and inspire teachers to engage their students in sustainability

 What’s Next ?

  • Complete the whole of Council streetlight replacement program
  • Replace Council parks, reserves and shopping strip lights with more energy efficient lights
  • Implement an energy efficiency program on Council buildings
  • Embed Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) principles in Council’s planning process for new and refurbished Council buildings
  • Develop and implement a Smart Travel Plan
  • Improve Council fleet vehicle fuel efficiency, including alternative fuels and replacing current fleet vehicles with low emission vehicles