Environmental Upgrade Agreements – Save $$$ and Protect the Environment


Businesses in Brimbank can cut energy and water costs and upgrade their premises through Environmental Upgrade Agreements.

Businesses in Brimbank are set to reap the many other benefits of operating a more sustainable and efficient building.

If you own a non-residential property in Brimbank you can apply to have building upgrades such as energy efficient lighting, solar energy, double glazing and weather proofing 100% financed.

This removes the need for upfront capital. Competitive interest rates and long-term low-cost financing make these agreements a cost effective way for non-residential property owners to reduce operating costs and risks associated with increasing energy costs.

Environmental upgrade finances are a smarter way for building owners to access capital for commercial building improvements, sooner.

This initiative is undertaken by Brimbank City Council in partnership with the Sustainable Melbourne Fund.

For more information on the sustainable building upgrades your business can apply for, visit our Climate and Energy page 

You can also visit the Sustainable Melbourne Fund or contact them at to apply for an Environmental Upgrade Agreement today.


This article appears in the Winter Edition of Brimbank Business Link Magazine.