Everyone can learn through playgroups

An insider's guide to playgroup leadership

Playgroup leadership training graduate - Vandana

Playgroups – they’re often the first social interaction outside of family young children experience, but have you ever wondered what it takes to run an effective playgroup – especially if English is your second language?

Eighteen local parents recently took on the challenge to find out just that when they embarked on an eight-week Brimbank Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Playgroup Leaders Training Course.

On 25 June the group successfully completed the course, and graduate Vandana Sawhney agreed to share her experience.

Mother of two and Burnside Heights resident, Vandana currently attends two local Playgroups with her youngest daughter aged three-and-a-half.

Vandana said the training course had helped her to become more involved in the Playgroups she attends with her daughter, and more confident in leading different activities and in her interactions with the other families:

“I enrolled for the Playgroup Leader Training to understand what is required to run an effective playgroup and also learn about development needs of young children attending playgroups.“The program was well and above my expectations.   These sessions not only covered play & development activities for young kids, we were also given overviews on topics such as, speech therapy, health & safety requirements, building healthy eating habits in children and also, I was very excited to get training in VICSEG (first aid training).

“Now I feel much more confident to go and support the playgroups as a parent helper and if required run a playgroup on my own.

“I can now use learning’s from these sessions effectively in the playgroups, and help introduce the ideas taught in all these sessions to make learning fun at playgroups.”

The Brimbank CALD Playgroup Leaders Training Course was delivered in partnership with Brimbank City Council, ISIS Primary Care, VICSEG New Futures training and Playgroup Victoria.

The course covered:

  • Learning through play
  • Positive behaviour at playgroup
  • Safety at playgroup
  • Early literacy
  • Healthy eating
  • First aid

There are more than 100 active playgroups in Brimbank today.