Flowers of Sunshine – Blooming on Social Media


Well known florist shop Flowers of Sunshine is leveraging social media to engage with customers and promote its business in an increasingly competitive market.

Operating in the Sunshine Town Centre since 1982, Flowers of Sunshine is run by local husband and wife team, Silke and Jurgen, and has built a strong reputation for quality floral arrangements, gifts and service.

Fierce Competition

In recent times, with the competition becoming fiercer as more and more online florists enter the market, Silke realised she could no longer depend solely on foot traffic and word of mouth. In addition to having a website for online and international orders, Silke increased her online presence by developing a Flowers of Sunshine Facebook page and more recently an Instagram page for the business.

Silke says ‘Being a husband and wife operation, social media offered a cost effective and easy way to reach more customers and compete against online florists who have the money to pay for Google rankings.”

Silke does her own social media to keep costs down, taking pictures of her orders for special occasions and daily deliveries and then sharing with her online followers as a regular part of her business day.

Increasing Engagement

To increase social media engagement with the business, Silke has also learnt how to use hashtags on Instagram and uses her iPhone to easily upload content. Silke admits that it took some time in the beginning but she is now used to posting on social media and has been experiencing positive responses including a growing follower base.

Silke has also developed posters encouraging customers to like them on Facebook and Instagram and keep up to date with offers and arrangement ideas, realising that it is important to grow community engagement both online and offline.

Silke said “Social media has helped to build loyalty, increase customer reach and sales. It also offers a great medium for real time reviews from satisfied customers.”

Flowers of Sunshine is a great example of a business who has entered the social media space and in floristry terms, it is ‘blooming’ from the experience.

For more information, go to Flowers of Sunshine.


This article appears in the Winter Edition of Brimbank Business Link Magazine.