Food, Family and Friends! A Community Dinner Recipe


Is food your obsession? Then what better way try new food and make new friends at our Community Welcome Dinner during Brimbank Refugee Week, 18-24 June 2017.

Celebrate the positive contributions refugees have made in Brimbank at the Community Welcome Dinner on Friday 23 June, from 5-7.30pm, at the St Albans Community Centre (STACC).

Brimbank Mayor Cr John Hedditch invites you to bring a plate of food to share and tell a short story about your dish to introduce yourself to your table mates.

“We all want a strong sense of community. This event will bring people together and help to build connections through sharing something we all have in common – food.

“Brimbank is one of the most culturally diverse municipalities in Australia, with almost half of our residents born outside Australia.

“Diversity enriches us all. We're proud of our diversity – it speaks of our acceptance, our desire for peace and harmony, and our willingness to give everyone a fair go.”

With Courage Let Us All Combine

The theme for Refugee Week 2017 is “With Courage Let Us All Combine”, taken from the second verse of the national anthem, to celebrate the courage of refugees and of people who speak out against persecution and injustice.

Cr Hedditch said Council’s annual Refugee Week celebrations play an important role in increasing the broader community’s awareness of refugees’ experiences, and the strengths refugees bring to our community.

This Community Welcome Dinner is a collaboration between Brimbank Council, the Welcome Dinner Project and the Brimbank – Maribyrnong Interfaith Network.

Connect Over a Meal 

The Welcome Dinner Project connects newly arrived people including migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and international students with established Australians over a shared meal, usually in a family home or trusted community space.

Brimbank: Refugee Welcome Zone

Brimbank is a declared Refugee Welcome Zone. These zones are an initiative of the Refugee Council of Australia to demonstrate commitment from Local Government in welcoming refugees into the community, upholding the human rights of refugees, demonstrating compassion for refugees and enhancing cultural and religious diversity in the community.

RSVP by Monday 19 June by visiting Brimbank Welcome Dinner.

There is no charge for this event. This is a family friendly event and no alcohol will be served.