Friendship Seat – A Community Project


Last week (16 May) the Mayor and representatives of Deer Park Lioness Club, Westvale Men’s Shed attended the handover of the friendship seat to staff and children at Deer Park North Primary School.


The Westvale Men’s Shed participants were asked to build a ‘Friendship Seat’ by the Deer Park Lioness Club in October 2017 for donation to Deer Park North Primary School.

This Community Project was approved by Westvale Community Centre and the Westvale Men’s Shed Champions. Materials were paid for by the Deer Park Lioness Club, and the design and build by the Westvale Men’s Shed participants went ahead.

The Friendship Seat was completed in March 2018 after adding the final touch, a plaque dedicating the seat from Lioness Club of Deer Park to the school.

The Friendship Seat concept originated in Britain and serves the purpose for lonely and/or sad children to alert teachers and other students that there is a problem. By sitting on the seat, other students are encouraged to include the student (sitting in the seat) in their play activities. Research has shown that the seat has been proven to help reduce bullying behaviour because of the inclusive and caring values the seat raises awareness of.

All materials were paid for by the Lioness Club of Deer Park.