Get to know your Councillors - Cr Victoria Borg


This month we speak to Grasslands Ward Councillor, Victoria Borg.

Councillor Borg loves meeting the people of Brimbank community and has a passion for youth and education.

Cr Borg can be contacted at or 0429 365 527.

“I’m originally from Malta but you could say that I’m ‘Brimbank through and through’ as I’ve lived in this wonderful multicultural community for most of my life, and since I emigrated here back in the early seventies.

“I love spending time with my family and granddaughter and I also maintain a healthy lifestyle and am a keen walker.

“An area that I’m particularly passionate about is youth and education, both of which encompass my former career as an educator at Victoria University where I was a tutor, lecturer and researcher.

“This background provided me with the perfect grounding to become a Councillor as it helped me identify with the broader community and to understand their needs – and it showed me how access to education has the capacity to change lives.

“Council has a strong focus on education, training and learning and driving change in this space is a priority so that we close the gaps and reach better education outcomes.

“We’ve identified a heightened need for engagement with education and training as this leads to qualifications and employment.

“Just last month I presented at Victoria University at the National Youth Commission Inquiry into Youth Employment and Transitions, which was just the right forum to talk about these vital issues for young people in Brimbank.

“I thrive on getting involved in community activities and enjoy building relationships and trust with the people of Brimbank.

“This year I’ve attended a number of community events including the In2Tennis opening, the Brimbank Australia Day Ceremony, Westvale Soccer Club Family Day, Waitangi Day celebrations, the 50th annual Polish Sports Festival, a range of art exhibitions celebrating culture and diversity, the West Sunshine Multicultural Senior Citizens Centre 28th anniversary and open days.

I also serve on a number of committees including the Brimbank Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Reconciliation Action Plan Consultative Committee, Safety Roundtable, Social Justice Coalition – Strategic Implementation Group, Brimbank Disability Advisory Committee, and the Collective Action Committee.”