Get to Know Your Councillors - Councillor Victoria Borg


This month we speak to Grasslands Ward Councillor, Victoria Borg. You can contact Cr Borg on or 0429 365 527.


(Pictured: Cr Victoria Borg at the Westvale Community Centre Garden)

“Having lived in Brimbank for more than 44 years I literally and metaphorically have grown in Brimbank. I have been living here since I emigrated from Malta in 1972.

“I feel deeply grounded and connected to this municipality and its people: as a wife, mother, grandmother, neighbour, friend and member of this great community.

“Being involved in the community is very important to me.

“Being around and working with community members, helps me to identify and work towards addressing the immediate needs of the people.

“I am also fortunate to be invited to attend and participate in many community events.

“Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of attending the Feast of St Paul in West Sunshine, the St Bernadette’s Seniors Club 30th anniversary social night, and the Cyprus Turkish Festival which celebrated 70 years of the community in Australia.

“It was great to meet so many new faces and to learn more about the wonderful work being done by community groups across Brimbank.

“I take this opportunity to thank the community for the opportunity to be involved in these wonderful community events – and of course, to recognise the outstanding efforts of everyone involved in organising such events.

“Whether they are small gatherings or large festivals, these events all add to the rich tapestry that makes our community such a wonderful one.”

Cr Victoria Borg