Get to know your Councillors - Cr Daniel Allan


This month we speak to Horseshoe Bend Ward Councillor Daniel Allan.

As a resident of Kealba for 20 years, Cr Allan believes Brimbank’s greatest strength is the community’s willingness to come together, and is keen to encourage young people to be more active in the community.

You can contact at or on 0429 857 339.

“In my time as a Brimbank Councillor so far, I have had the opportunity to meet many residents, to discuss issues important them, and to be part of many community events.

“As elected representatives of the community, my fellow Councillors and I have the important role of making informed decisions on behalf of our community – representing their needs, wants and best interests - primarily at Council Meetings.

“In addition to making decisions at Council Meetings, Brimbank’s innovative portfolio system allows Councillors to become ‘knowledge champions’ on important local issues.

“In the recent review of portfolio representation, I was named the Councillor representative for the #Brimbank Proud portfolio.

“This is a brand new portfolio introduced this year with a focus on branding, tourism, marketing, communication and community engagement – all of which I believe are very important for Council.

“Linking with this, I am also the Councillor representative on the Western Melbourne Tourism Committee.

“This is a representative group of western regional councils, the tourism industry and LeadWest, whose role is to advocate, coordinate and promote events and industry development for tourism in the western metropolitan region – including Brimbank.

Last year Council adopted a new strategy to help make Brimbank a more popular visitor destination, and we’re working to improve our City’s image, and boost its unique offerings to the tourist market.

“I have also taken on the role of Councillor representative on the Brimbank Community Fund Advisory Committee – to provide guidance on the administration of the Brimbank Charitable Fund (BCF).

“If you haven’t heard about it, the BCF exists to support Brimbank’s most vulnerable residents through grassroots solutions. We do this by working in partnership with local individuals, businesses and community groups to grow a perpetual source of income that can support hard working local charities.

“Money donated to the BCF stays in a secure trust fund and only the interest earned is distributed as grants to support local charities. This means every donation can help make a difference for years to come.

“Over the last four years the fund has distributed about $45,000 to 11 local charities assisting young people with their education, employment and wellbeing.

“I encourage community members and local business to consider making a tax deductible donation to the fund.

“Giving locally means you are helping your neighbours, your friends, your colleagues and your fellow residents to make Brimbank a fair, resilient and connected community that is not limited by the effects of inequality and disadvantage. For more information on the BCF, visit our website.”