Get to know your Councillors - Mayor Cr Lucinda Congreve


This month we speak to Brimbank Mayor and Grasslands Ward Councillor, Lucinda CongreveCouncillor Congreve is passionate about seizing every opportunity to improve Brimbank, and is keen to make sure Brimbank is a family-friendly place to live.

“I’ve been the Brimbank Mayor for just over six months now, and it’s been a fantastic, busy and productive time. I’m confident we’re hitting goals with a number of key projects that will make a massive difference to Brimbank.

“In the coming years the Melbourne Airport Rail link will put Brimbank at the heart of exciting new developments in the west. I recently visited Melbourne Airport to meet with its CEO, and we agreed to work closely together in the future so that our community will benefit in areas such as environmental issues, economic developments, employment and educational opportunities.

“In my role as Mayor, I have been attending a heap of events and it’s been an absolute pleasure to meet with community members and groups - and thank you for giving me a deeper understanding of our community’s needs.

“Recently I was pleased to represent the Brimbank community at the opening of our very own Women and Children's hospital right here in Sunshine. Such fantastic facilities including brand new birthing suite with birthing pools and a state-of-the-art NICU. The NICU is such a wonderful new facility for the west and mums and dads like me will be so relieved to have one so close in the event we ever need it.

“On 15 May I officially unveiled a bold new makeover of Princess Street, St Albans. This features a spectacular lighting display and colourful designs inspired by the late Leigh Bowery. The new Princess Street now has a really fun atmosphere, and creates a pedestrian-focused link between the St Albans train station, the nearby Errington Precinct, and of course, the Bowery Theatre at St Albans Community Centre. Check it out whenever you’re in the area!

“I’ve also been spending a lot of time over the past few months, meeting with MPs and other government representatives to represent our community’s needs, and discuss Brimbank projects we want state and federal government support for.

“As a busy mum with two small children, I feel I’m multi-tasking every minute of the day - and have often taken my children along to my appointments! For instance, last month I delivered a speech and opened a park with a baby on my hip and a toddler by my side, and the community embraced it. Thanks for the support Brimbank.

“I’m passionate about making our City better – and always look forward to hearing your ideas on how we can make that happen together. If you see me out and about at Council events or in the street or a local park, please come up and say hi and have a chat.”