Getting to know the Animal Management team


With more than 10,000 dogs and 3,000 cats registered in Brimbank, there’s never a day that one of these four-legged members of our community doesn’t find themselves in a situation where they are lost and in need of help. That’s where Council’s Animal Management team come into the picture.


Pictured: Our Animal Management team from top left, Bernie, Stuart (with Barbara) and Tegan. Front from left, Laura (with Riley) and Rachael (with Dexter).

Meet the Animal Management team

What do dogs, cats, miniature horses, sheep, chicken, goats, ferrets and rabbits have in common?

They are amongst the many stray, lost or at risk animals that have been – at one time on another – rescued by Council’s Animal Management team.

What do they do?

The team of trained and animal loving individuals is responsible for responding to a long list of animal-related requests that are received from the community, animal welfare agencies and emergency services.

Amongst their responsibilities are responding to nuisance complaints, dog attacks, dangerous, menacing and restricted breed dogs, and the management of animals in public spaces such as parks and city streets.

Last year, the team responded to more than 5,400 requests for animal management services, mostly relating to complaints about dogs and stray/feral cats.

In the same year, the team collected almost 1,000 dogs and more than 1,800 cats, including wandering dogs and stray/feral cats collected as part of Council’s cat-trapping program.

On top of this, the team is also on hand to assist the RSPCA and emergency services departments, including the Police, when an animal management professional is needed.

On occasion, they’ve also provided assistance to Wildlife Victoria.

Some of the other tasks the team is responsible for include inspecting domestic animal businesses and programmed patrols of public areas, including parks.

Team members attend Bureau of Animal Welfare training sessions and other specific animal management programs to stay abreast of developments in the animal management area.

The Animal Management Team is always pleased to help spread the message of responsible pet ownership. So, when you next see one of our Animal Management team around, be sure to say hello, have a chat and have your questions answered about being a responsible pet owner in Brimbank.

Your feedback matters

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