Getting to know the Brimbank Youth Services Team


Brimbank Youth Services works with young people aged from 12 to 25, who live, work, study or socialise in Brimbank.

The team works alongside young people, supporting opportunities to increase health and wellbeing, civic engagement and skill development. This helps to create a strong sense of belonging and pride in the community.

Council recently endorsed a new Youth Participation and Engagement Model – which will give young people across Brimbank a stronger voice in Council decision-making.

Brimbank Youth Services’ work is guided by the Brimbank Youth Strategy 2015-2019. This strategy outlines Council’s commitment to ensuring that the voices and ideas of young people are acknowledged and heard, and that young people are recognised as equals in the Brimbank community. Council has begun a review of youth services programs, which will be used to develop a new Brimbank Youth Strategy 2019–2023.

Work in the Youth Services team includes a range of programs supporting and empowering young people to be heard in our community. These include the L2P Learner Driver Program, which helps young people gain driving experience, groups for young parents, youth events opportunities and more.

The team has two main service areas: Young Communities and Youth Support.

Meet the Young Communities team

The Young Communities team works with Brimbank’s amazing young people to design and deliver opportunities to ensure ideas and voices are acknowledged and prioritized throughout the municipality.

Their work is informed by a strong evidence base of research and consultation with Brimbank young people.

The Young Communities team looks after the Youthlinks network, a dynamic and highly valued resource for Brimbank youth and the sector. The team also manages a range of program delivery and advocacy pathways in areas such as mentoring, youth voice, employment, mental health, young people living in out-of-home-care, disability, interfaith, homelessness, parenting, education and relationships.

Earlier this year the Young Communities team ran a Young Citizens Jury – which brought together a diverse group of young people to develop a new model that will guide the way Council engages with young people – the Youth Participation and Engagement Model.

In September this year Council endorsed the model. It includes establishing a new Brimbank Youth Council, which will act as an advisory committee to Council – with members to include 16 young people aged 12 to 25, along with a Councillor and Council staff.

The Brimbank Youth Council will be supported by sub committees focusing on research, promotion and planning and projects, along with four “Local Young Communities” groups – based in each Brimbank Council ward.

Meet the Youth Support team

Young people can access counselling and support directly or through their school.

The B-Heard Youth Support Program gives young people space to work through any concerns with a friendly support worker – at no cost.

This can include support for young people who feel sad, angry or overwhelmed, family or relationship issues, strengthening self-esteem and providing links to other services and programs.

This support is provided on a short term basis, at various locations around Brimbank.

Youth Services also provides a social support group for LGBTIQ young people. Queer Crafternoon is offered in partnership with Headspace Sunshine, providing a safe space for young people to hangout, make friends, find peer support and create some awesome craft.

Contact Brimbank Youth Services

Brimbank Youth Services is located at the Brimbank Community and Civic Centre at 301 Hampshire Road, Sunshine.

  • Phone: 9249 4110
  • Email: