Getting to know the Diversity and Inclusion team


Meet Brimbank’s Diversity and Inclusion team. Working closely with the community, the team is focused on the needs of Brimbank’s volunteers, people with disability and their carers, and local seniors.

Brimbank’s Diversity and Inclusion team works closely with local volunteers, people with disability and their carers, and local seniors, representing their interests and supporting them to fully participate in community life.

The team pride themselves on developing long term, meaningful relationships with key stakeholders, to work collaboratively for the benefit of the community.

They’re also the team that bring you popular annual celebrations and events including the Brimbank Disability Expo, the Brimbank Seniors Festival, the Volunteer Rewards and Recognition evening, and local celebrations around National Carers Week, National Volunteer Week, and International Day of People with Disability.

Supporting Council volunteers

Brimbank loves its volunteers - all 420 of them!

The Diversity and Inclusion team is charged with the role of recruiting, training and coordinating Council’s volunteers and pairing them with the right opportunities across Council.

There are a variety of volunteering opportunities across the organisation – including environmental, library programs and festival and events.

Brimbank Community Register

The Brimbank Community Register just celebrated 10 years of operation.

Coordinated by the Diversity and Inclusion team, the Register is aimed at people over the age of 50 or with a disability, to help them feel secure and safe while at home and out in the community. Residents on the Community Register receive regular phone calls from program volunteers to check on their wellbeing, as well as an ID card for use by emergency personnel.

The Register is operated by a group of dedicated volunteers and is a joint initiative with Victoria Police.

Supporting people with disability

Council plays an important role in ensuring the needs of people with disability in the community – and their carers - are recognised and addressed.

The Diversity and Inclusion team is supporting the rollout of the NDIS in Brimbank, and works closely with the community and service providers in providing social supports and connectedness for community members who can be socially isolated.

The Diversity and Inclusion team coordinates the Brimbank Disability Network Group (BDNG), as well as the Brimbank Disability Advisory Committee (DAC).

The BDNG has 30 members who meet bi-monthly with the aim of ensuring people with disability and carers are able to access and share information regarding relevant support services, programs and funding.

Members include people with disability, carers, community group representatives, disability service providers and State Government representatives.

The DAC oversee and guide the implementation of the Brimbank Disability Action Plan 2017-2020.

Key events such as the Brimbank Disability Expo have attracted over 61 exhibitors and over 150 attendees.

Supporting seniors

The Diversity and Inclusion team is responsible for the delivery of Brimbank’s Age Friendly City Plan.

The purpose of the plan is to ensure that services for older people within the community are well planned, accessible and responsive, and based on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Age Friendly Cities Framework.

With 87 registered seniors groups operating across Brimbank, the team offers support and guidance through regular seniors’ forums and the Brimbank Active Seniors Group.

During the Victorian Seniors Festival, the team works with Council’s Neighbourhood Houses, Libraries and Leisure Centres to coordinate local events and activities for the Brimbank Seniors Festival – including the ever-popular Seniors’ Lunch and Dance which attracts more than 1000 seniors each year.