Getting to know the Urban Design team


If you’ve been to a local park, cycled or walked along shared user paths, visited one of Brimbank’s town centres, or enjoyed the shade of a tree in one of our main streets – you’ve seen the work of Council’s Urban Design Team.

Council’s Urban Design team is responsible for the design of Brimbank’s public spaces – including parks, shared user paths, and urban streetscapes.


Since 2008, Council has invested $32 million upgrading and creating 105 parks across Brimbank – including the new Sunvale Community Park in Sunshine which opened last year.

Earlier this year the team finished work on park upgrades, including:

  • Kurung Drive Reserve, Kings Park
  • Ashton Avenue Reserve, St Albans
  • Eurora/Koroit Place Reserve, Taylors Lakes
  • O’Connors Paddock, Cairnlea.

Work is about to begin on a $3.34 million dollar transformation of the Lakes Reserve Flagship Park in Taylors Lakes – including a new activities and leisure area, improved playground, better views and more space for picnics


The Urban Design team also looks after Brimbank’s shared cycling and walking paths, through Council’s Cycling and Walking Strategy. This aims to improve access to sustainable transport to encourage more people to live a healthier, more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Since 2008, around 30km off-road Shared User Paths and 22km of on-road cycling lanes have been installed.

Shared User Paths are a great way to get around and have fun while discovering Brimbank’s own back yard. Many paths also connect with Brimbank parks – making a ride or walk to your local park a terrific (and healthy) family outing.

These include the Kororoit Creek Shared User Path, Taylors Creek Shared User Path, the Sunshine Shared User Path, and the recently completed Harvester Shared User Path, which links Albion and Sunshine train stations.

Work is underway to upgrade the Shared User Path at The Lakes Reserve, between Kings Road and Parmelia Road, and on to Sunshine Avenue. This work is expected to finish in May this year.

Town centres

Creating high quality public spaces and places is one of Council’s key objectives to ensure that Brimbank is a liveable community. The Urban Design team designs and oversees construction of high quality public spaces where people feel safe and engaged.

Hampshire Road Master Plan is transforming the heart of Sunshine into an attractive, well-planned space that is easy to negotiate. Stages one and two are already complete, with work on the Ballarat Road end of Hampshire Road currently underway. The final stage of the Hampshire Road Master Plan is planned for early 2020. This stage will focus on the area between Devonshire Road and Service Street, and includes a new Civic Green.

In St Albans, the Urban Design team is currently upgrading Princess Street, near the St Albans Community Centre (STACC). With splashes of colour and high-impact lighting, this design will help create a fun, vibrant place that is a hub for the arts, recreation and activity. Work is expected to finish by May this year.

Work is also in the planning stages to upgrade Alfrieda Street, St Albans, with plans to create a civic square, wider footpaths and improved traffic flow.

A key feature of many public spaces, Water Sensitive Urban Designs (or WSUDS), are garden beds that help to filter out rubbish and protect our stormwater from pollutants, such as the  rain garden in Keilor Village (below).

Tree Planting

Urban Design also implements Council’s Urban Forest Strategy, adopted in 2016, as part of Council’s ongoing commitment to Greening The West partnership and initiative.

The Urban Forest Strategy is seeking over the next thirty years to increase tree canopy cover across the municipality from the current 6.2 per cent to 30 per cent. This equates to 700,000 trees and to date around 200,000 trees have been planted mostly in parks.

Planting more trees support will help protect our suburbs and reduce the impact of heatwaves on the health and wellbeing of our community.