Getting to know the Waste and Cleansing Services teams


The Waste and Cleansing service teams provide an important Council function, managing waste and litter to ensure our municipality is kept clean.

Each year, the Waste Services team collects approximately 42,000 tonnes of garbage, 16,000 tonnes of recycling materials, and 11,000 tonnes of green waste. The Cleansing Services team collects approximately 3,000 tonnes of waste from around 2,400 litter bins annually.

Meet the Waste Services team

Our Waste Services team of 32 full time employees is responsible for a number of waste services, including residential kerbside collections.

The residential kerbside collection service operates 13 garbage trucks, six recycling trucks and four green waste trucks.

The service includes a weekly collection of garbage, and fortnightly collection of green waste and recycling bins, on alternate weeks as well as managing the annual hard waste collection.

Approximately 70,000 garbage bins are picked up each week with a total of about 3,500 tonnes of garbage collected per month.

Our drivers are often referred to as ‘the face’ of Council as they’re one of the more visually prominent services. They often greet residents with a wave and a smile and it’s not uncommon for them to assist in many different ways from helping with directions to other general enquiries.

Brimbank residents will be aware that right now it’s Hard Waste collection time (2 July to 10 August 2018) and this service collects items that are generally too big for your bins such as metals and white goods, household appliances, furniture, mattresses, etc.

Notices are sent out prior to your collection date; alternatively you can visit our website to ‘find your hard waste collection date for 2018’.

Meet the Cleansing Services team

Our Cleansing Services team of 28 full time staff performs a number of duties to keep Brimbank clean. This includes the collection of litter and dumped rubbish, street and commercial footpath sweeping, shopping centre high pressure cleaning, and cigarette butt bin collection.

The team collects waste from a range of rubbish bins across the municipality including street litter bins, and from bins in reserves, sporting clubs and Council facilities.

To do this, they operate a range of plant and equipment including waste compactor trucks, commercial street and footpath sweepers and tip trucks.

In addition, we have a Rapid Response service, which is an everyday service to respond to immediate needs like the collection of roadside litter, dead animals, syringes, dumped rubbish and more. There’s way too much of it – with over 1,000 tonnes collected over the past six months.

We also have a Resource Recovery Centre located within Council’s Keilor Park Operations Centre. This offers you an option to clear your home of several waste streams that can’t be put in your general rubbish bins. Items currently accepted include batteries, fluoro tubes, paint and electronic waste such as TVs and computers, to name a few.

The aim of all these services is to make sure Brimbank stays as clean of rubbish as possible.

Let’s ‘Stop the Rubbish’

We have just launched the Stop the Rubbish campaign to clamp down further on illegal rubbish dumping. This is Brimbank’s War on Waste!

We receive about 4,800 reports of illegal dumped rubbish and littering each year, and spend about $700,000 on collecting and disposing of rubbish dumped across Brimbank. And we want this to stop! We’re asking community members to help, by reporting any rubbish dumping they see to Council.

  • Brimbank City Council offers a wide range of waste collection services to help you to dispose of waste properly. Visit for more information on regular waste collection for garbage, recycling and organic green waste, annual hard waste collection as well as landfill and recovery centres.