Green Waste Collection

Separating your green waste for us to collect? We turn it into products gardens love, such as potting mix, mulch, and compost.

Green waste is collected once per fortnight on the same day as your garbage. Green waste bins have a bright green lid. Charges are:

  • 140 litres ($95.24 per bin per year)
  • 240 litres ($104.64 per bin per year)

How do I get a green waste bin?

If you own a residence you can choose to have a green waste bin. Request a green waste bin now!

If you rent a property you can speak to your landlord about getting a green waste bin.

Please note: There’s a charge for the optional green waste service.

What Can I put in my Green Waste Bin?


  • Grass clippings
  • Small prunings
  • Weeds
  • Ivy and creepers
  • Twigs and small Branches
  • Bamboo
  • Leaves
  • Flowers


  • Food scraps – eg vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy, bones
  • Plastic bags (not even biodegradable and compostable bags)
  • Nappies (not even biodegradable and compostable nappies)
  • Garbage
  • Glass
  • Bagged material (even if it is green waste)
  • Tree stumps and roots
  • Soil
  • Plastics and foam
  • Metal – eg gas bottles, star pickets, gardening tools, wire.
  • Building materials – eg concrete, brick, tiles, rubble, glass

Download our handy flyer to help you remember! Stick it on your fridge or near your green waste bin!