Have Your Say - Draft Community Safety Strategy 2015-2019

Brimbank City Council invites the community to have their say on the Draft Community Safety Strategy 2015-2019 at the community consultation workshop held on Tuesday 27 October.

The workshop will run from 5.30-8.30pm at Victoria University, Sunshine. Community members can also leave feedback via the our survey.

Four Year Strategy
This four year strategy is part of a longer term vision for Brimbank as a safe, healthy and connected community.

Community safety issues are complex and often stem from broader social and economic factors.

Council recognises this and supports action to address the underlying causes that influence safety outcomes such as promoting social justice and equity, in addition to building a strong, connected community.

Council also has a focus on creating quality urban environments that are safe, inviting and attractive and contribute to the overall liveability and wellbeing of the Brimbank community.

A safe community is a:

  • place that is attractive to live, work and visit;
  • liveable community, where people can go about their activities without fear or risk of harm or injury; and
  • happy and connected community where people participate and interact in community life.

The Draft Strategy links with many other Council plans and initiatives including the Council Plan 2013-2017 and Community Plan 2009-2030 (updated 2013) which both promote “Creating Safe, Healthy Communities” as a strategic direction.

The draft strategy will be out for consultation for a period of 4 weeks from Monday 12 October and available at Council’s five libraries, three Customer Service Centres. Or Download a copy (5MB).