Have your say on protecting our heritage


Brimbank Council is inviting feedback about two draft strategies that are aimed at conserving and protecting Brimbank’s rich cultural and built heritage.

The draft Brimbank Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Strategy 2018-2023 will guide the conservation and protection of Aboriginal objects, places and landscapes, both known and unrecorded within the City of Brimbank.

The draft Heritage Strategy 2018-2023 will guide the conservation and protection of the City’s later heritage buildings, places and objects.

  • Consultation on the both draft strategies opens 24 September 2018.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Margaret Giudice said Council has an ongoing obligation to conserve and protect Brimbank’s indigenous cultural heritage as well as the heritage buildings, places and objects arising from the agricultural, industrial and urban development of the early 1800s onwards.

“Council has updated two key earlier strategies that aim at protecting Brimbank’s rich heritage, which includes the Aboriginal cultural heritage, as well as the heritage established since the first contact between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Brimbank in the 1800s.

Rich Heritage

“Brimbank has a rich physical and cultural Aboriginal heritage. Our city contains 427 known sites of cultural heritage significance. These are listed on the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Register and protected through the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.

“The land near our waterways is also rich with traditional sites and artefacts - but most of these sites are not yet mapped or recognised in the Brimbank Planning Scheme.

“Council is committed to protecting the Aboriginal cultural heritage, and creating more awareness about it within our community,” Cr Giudice said.

Draft Aboriginal Heritage Strategy

The draft Aboriginal Heritage Strategy 2018-2023 includes improved protection of Aboriginal heritage, through potential amendments to the Brimbank Planning Scheme. The strategy will also provide guidance for the ongoing promotion and appreciation of Aboriginal cultural heritage and traditions.

“The draft has been informed by Council’s engagement with key Aboriginal heritage stakeholders. We look forward to getting more feedback from the community.

Draft Heritage Strategy

“Council also invites comment on the draft Heritage Strategy 2018-2023 that will help us to conserve, protect and maintain the heritage buildings, places and objects, which resulted from Brimbank’s agricultural, industrial and urban development past, dating from the 1800s onwards.

“Part of our ongoing responsibility to ensure that Brimbank’s heritage buildings and places are protected, is to make sure there is adequate protection set in place for all heritage assets,” Cr Giudice said.

The draft Brimbank Heritage Strategy 2018-2023 builds on the heritage controls in the Brimbank Planning Scheme by identifying projects and initiatives that contribute to heritage protection, restoration and reuse of heritage buildings and sites. The strategy also aims to increase community awareness and education about heritage within Brimbank.

Consultation on the both draft strategies opens 24 September 2018, and written submissions must be received by no later than 5pm 26 October 2018.