Growing Brimbank

Growing Brimbank applies research into ‘what works’ to prevent and reduce chronic conditions that affect health, wellbeing and prosperity of Brimbank residents.

Growing Brimbank uses evidence to support people at key stages of their life:

  • early childhood
  • school years and youth
  • starting a family
  • adulthood.

Growing Brimbank is a long-term initiative. It's also a partnership between us and Australian Health Policy Collaboration/Victoria University

Evidence Base

Growing Brimbank is underpinned by three reports:

  1. Brimbank Atlas of Health and Education 2014 and Brimbank Atlas of Health and Education Second Edition 2019
  2. Physical Activity, Sport and Health in the City of Brimbank
  3. Brimbank Spatial Map of Physical and Social Infrastructure 2017 and Brimbank Spatial Map Summary Report 

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