How is saving water and our next sports champion linked?

Answer: Stormwater harvesting!

Brimbank’s fields are the envy of many Councils in Melbourne and Australia. Why? Look no further than our stormwater harvesting systems.

Implementing and investing in stormwater harvesting systems

  • reduces reliance on drinking water;
  • saves water billing costs; and
  • ensures our playing fields are kept green and playable year round.

A win-win-win!

We've constructed stormwater harvesting schemes at Green Gully Reserve, Keilor Golf Course, Keilor Park Sports Fields and Cairnlea.

We expect these sites to save an estimated 337 megalitres of drinking water per year. That’s 337 million litres!

The Keilor Operations Centre has also installed a stormwater harvesting system for its vehicle wash down. 

Stormwater harvesting systems are an innovative and sustainable irrigation approach that’s keeping Brimbank’s playing areas green year-round!