How We're Maintaining Keilor's Village Character

Council is taking another step towards maintaining the village character of the Keilor Town Centre.

The proposed Keilor Village Design and Development Overlay will help ensure that developments in Keilor Village will reflect the unique village character.

The overlay proposes to:

  • Restrict building heights to two (2) or three (3) storeys, depending on the site’s location within the Centre

  • Introduce design guidelines for new development, and specific design guidelines for shop fronts, signage and alterations to the public realm

  • Specify requirements for applicants to demonstrate how new developments within the centre meet the objectives of the design and development overlay.

A key modification being proposed is to extend the single storey frontage to the Old Calder Highway with 10 metres height set back, that applies to the west (main) group of shops to also include the Keillor Hotel and Environs site.

Keilor Village Vision Document
The introduction of this overlay will help realise the objectives of the Keilor Village Vision Document that was adopted in 2012 following extensive community consultation.

The Keilor Village Vision Document reflects the aspirations of local residents and their desire for an attractive, sustainable community, which provides a broad range of retail opportunities and services, whilst enhancing its distinctive natural, historic and semirural character.

For more information, contact our Strategic Planning Unit on 9249 4455.