Sunshine National Employment and Innovation Cluster (NEIC)

Sunshine was identified as one of seven National Employment and Innovation Clusters (NEICs) in Plan Melbourne. The Sunshine NEIC is a 20 square km area around Sunshine Hospital and extends from the Sunshine Metropolitan Town Centre to the St Albans Town Centre.

The Sunshine NEIC is recognised for its potential to attract a critical mass of tertiary education, health-related training and healthcare providers, government agencies, retail and professional services, and its capacity to grow significantly.

Sunshine Health Wellbeing and Education Precinct (SHWEP)

The Sunshine Health Wellbeing and Education Precinct (SHWEP) is located within the Sunshine NEIC, and is an established and growing location for medical, health, community, education and research services.

The SHWEP is centred on Sunshine Hospital, and includes the Western Centre for Health Research and Education, the Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Sunshine Private Hospital.

Melbourne Airport Rail Link and Sunshine Super Hub

As a focus for significant transport investment, including implementation of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link and Sunshine Super Hub, the Sunshine NEIC has the potential to attract significant investment and development, providing greater employment and business opportunities.

Major public and private investments

A snapshot of projects that have been delivered, are being planned or have been approved include:

  • Melbourne Airport Rail ($10 billion)
  • Metro Tunnel Project ($12.58 billion)
  • Sunshine CBD Development Pipeline ($680 million)
  • Sunshine Station Masterplan including the Sunshine Station Regional Platform Project - Stage 1 ($143 million)
  • Albion Station Redevelopment ($80 million)
  • Sunshine Private Hospital ($140 million)
  • Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s Hospital ($200 million)
  • Sunshine Law Courts and Justice Precinct Redevelopment ($25 million)
  • VicRoads The Hub @Sunshine ($25 million)
  • Brimbank Community and Civic Centre ($52 million)
  • Hampshire Road Master Plan and other improvements ($12.4 million)
  • Development of Council owned park and sports facilities in Sunshine ($18.3 million).


Regional projects like the Wesgate Tunnel Project ($6 billion+), Fast Rail between Melbourne and Geelong ($2 billion), and the Western Rail Plan ($130 million) reinforce Brimbank’s development potential.


Photo credit: Western Health