Join the Daughters of the West program


Brimbank City Council is calling on local women to join the inaugural Daughters of the West 10-week health program in Brimbank.

Building on the success of the Sons of the West program, Council has partnered with the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation to deliver the Daughters of the West program.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Margaret Giudice said the program is well suited to women aged 18 years and over, looking to boost overall health and wellbeing.

“As well as a focus on physical exercise for all abilities, the program is designed to give women the tools to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

“Women living in the west are facing some of the toughest health challenges across the state.

“By providing a dedicated health and wellbeing program, we hope to see as many Brimbank women getting involved as possible.

“This is a fun – not to mention free – opportunity to talk about physical and mental health within a safe and supportive environment. Through a series of workshops, presentations and experiences, participants can come together and learn tips on leading a healthier and active lifestyle.

“The program assists women to not only become fitter and healthier but also to feel more connected in their community.

“It is this inclusive spirit with a focus on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing that makes the Daughters of the Westprogram in Brimbank so special,” said Cr Giudice.

To take part in this popular health program, all you need to do is pre-register by contacting Council on 9249 4000 or email