Man Lifting Cow Sculpture Moooves Ahead

John Kelly’s 4.5 metre bronze sculpture Man lifting cow (scale model pictured) is coming to Sunshine after Council formally approved commissioning the artwork at the Council Meeting on 11 August.

Chair of Brimbank Administrators John Watson said the project was made possible through significant financial and in-kind support from both philanthropic and corporate organisations.

“This project demonstrates how Council can work with artists, and corporate and philanthropic partners to deliver significant and lasting social and economic benefits for the people of Brimbank through the arts.”

International Recognition
“This project will give Sunshine an international profile while also inspiring other local artists by demonstrating what is possible. It is a triumph for Sunshine to be home to John Kelly’s work,” Mr Watson said.

“John’s other sculptures have been exhibited far and wide, in Paris, London and Ireland. Many will know his work Cow up a Tree that is permanently located in Melbourne’s Docklands.

“He is a role-model for not only what he has achieved in the arts but also for his generosity in giving back to the community where he grew up, Sunshine.

“Sotheby’s, John’s sculptural agent has also been heavily involved in this initiative.

“Great art has the power to increase access to the arts, contribute to economic development, boost social capital, enrich communities and revitalise civic pride in the heart of Melbourne’s growing west.”

“Usually the preserve of major city centres like Melbourne, Paris and Monte Carlo, this sculpture will act as a beacon signifying Sunshine’s re-emergence as one of Australia’s great centres.

Created in Sunshine
“We look forward to work on the sculpture beginning later this year where it will be created and fabricated right here in Sunshine.

“At this time we will also announce our partners and provide more information about the precise future location of the sculpture.

“We are commissioning this artwork now so that installation can coincide with Hampshire Road Precinct upgrades and the opening of the Brimbank Community and Civic Centre in 2016,” Mr Watson said.