Maribyrnong Valley Connection Project


A project that has reduced high threat weeds, created a range of state and local government catchment-based partnerships and supported the community to protect nature is coming to an end in June 2020.

The Maribyrnong Valley Connection Project tackles a wide range of threats to biodiversity in the Maribyrnong catchment, and aims to protect and improve biodiversity values. It acknowledges that a coordinated approach needs to be taken to effectively manage weeds, and is a program based on partnerships with surrounding land managers.

Funded as part of the Victorian Government’s $4 million Peri-urban Weed Management Partnerships (PWMP) program, the project has achieved impressive results over four years including:

  • High threat weeds reduced by over 50 per cent across 24 sites
  • Attracting 8,000 volunteer hours
  • 500 landholders have been engaged.

At this stage, it is uncertain if the PWMP program will continue beyond June next year, despite its success. Brimbank City Council, a lead project partner, has committed to writing to the Government requesting that this hugely successful project continue beyond June 2020.

For more information contact, Maribyrnong Valley Connection Project Officer on 9249 4000.

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