Meet the Engineering Services team


With around 40 staff on board, Engineering Services is one of the largest and highly skilled teams at Brimbank City Council.

The scope of the team’s work is vast, but perhaps their most important function is to ensure all Council-managed roads, bridges, drains and associated infrastructure are built and maintained to a high standard, on-time and within budget.

These sort of capital works projects are crucial for the success of Brimbank – as having high quality infrastructure is an absolute must for any safe and efficient municipality.

The annual budget of the team’s capital works program is around $30 million. That’s a lot of money, but when you consider the team is responsible for nearly 900km of road – it puts it in perspective.

Typically at least 10km of our roads will require rehabilitation each year. Roads are exposed to tremendous loads and sooner or later every road needs an overhaul. This involves digging up and replacing the road’s asphalt surface and also creating new kerb and channel. Often footpaths will need reconstruction as well.

The team also have to develop and implement plans for the safe and efficient movement of vehicles that use our roads. This means having well thought-out line markings, traffic signs and traffic signals; appropriate parking systems; traffic-calming measures (such as road humps); and well thought-out integration of roads with walkways, bike paths and public transport.

To make sure they get all that right requires careful analysis of data – including traffic surveys, crash site investigations and reports Council receives from residents.

As well as the vehicles above the roads, the team have to consider the drains and stormwater systems beneath them when undertaking any major capital works project.

While the primary function of stormwater systems is to prevent flooding – they increasingly also take into account environmental sustainability. With modern water sensitive urban design strategies, we’re often able to clean the stormwater, making use of a valuable resource and preventing it from polluting our rivers and creeks.

Furthermore, Engineering Services are responsible for ensuring private developments in Brimbank are carried out in accordance with Council’s laws and relevant codes and standards. This also involves keeping tabs on developers to ensure damage isn’t done to rate-payer owned assets, such as our footpaths or drainage systems, during construction.

Clearly our Engineering Services team have a lot on their plate. But with an experienced team of expert engineers and designers who are passionate about delivering safe and effective infrastructure for our community, we think Brimbank is in great hands.