Meet the Facilities and Major projects team


On any given day thousands of Brimbank locals make use of Council facilities. They visit leisure centres, libraries, neighbourhood houses, sports facilities, community halls and meeting spaces, maternal and child health centres, kindergartens, and the list goes on. But who is responsible for delivering these buildings to the community – and better yet, who is responsible for keeping them in tip top working order for everyone to enjoy? Meet the Facilities and Major Projects team.

This is the team responsible for delivering new facilities for the community, making improvements and upgrades to existing facilities, and maintaining them.

With two arms to the team – project management and building maintenance – their responsibilities are varied, but ultimately equally as important.

Project management

The Project Management team is responsible for managing the delivery of various capital works projects relating to buildings, as adopted annually in the Council Budget, from design through to construction.

They manage projects ranging from small kitchen upgrades at community facilities, to multi-million dollar projects like the construction of new sports pavilions and kindergartens.

During 2018/2019 the team delivered about 30 major facility projects, some of which you might already have benefitted from. These include the new Alexandra Avenue Kindergarten and playground, various sports change room upgrades to make them female-friendly, upgrades at Sunshine Leisure Centre, and the new sports pavilion at Arthur Beachley Reserve.

They were also responsible for the better lighting you may have seen at some local sportsgrounds which has opened the grounds up for increased use.

This financial year the team is managing the construction of the sports and community pavilion at Errington Reserve, playground upgrades at five kindergartens, re-construction of tennis courts at J.R. Parsons Reserve, and more female-friendly change room upgrades.

They’ll also work with Heritage Victoria to restore the historic Keilor Police Hut.

The team is currently working with the appointed architects for the Council’s biggest capital works project to date – the replacement of the St Albans Leisure Centre with a health and wellbeing hub.

They will manage the project through the design process, and construction, which will start in 2020.

Building and playground maintenance

The Building Maintenance arm of the team has an extremely important and busy job – keeping about 300 Council buildings up and running for the community.

The skilled and dedicated team manage maintenance, repairs and hall keeping, making sure community buildings are clean and in great shape for you to enjoy.

They’re also the people out and about maintaining our community playgrounds – including at local kindergartens, to make sure they’re clean and safe for the young and young at heart.