New public arts policy connects us with community


Brimbank has a new Public Art Policy and Plan to focus public art’s role in shaping and enhancing the environment and connecting community for the City of Brimbank over the next five years.

The Public Art Policy and Plan 2018-2023 was adopted at the the 11 December Ordinary Council Meeting, following community consultation and workshops available to residents and artists in March.

Mayor of Brimbank City Council, Cr Lucinda Congreve said the Public Art Policy and Plan articulates Council’s direction for incorporating permanent and temporary public art installations, and the management and care of quality public art into community spaces throughout Brimbank.

“The policy sets out a clear vision for public art in Brimbank and includes a list of priority projects, a comprehensive implementation plan and actions to meet the policy objectives,” said Cr Congreve.

The Public Art Policy framework details the following objectives:

  • Public art commissions
  • Resourcing public art
  • Supporting artists
  • Community engagement
  • Maintaining and promoting public art

“Council plays an important role in making public art a significant part of Brimbank’s urban and cultural landscape, and we’re very fortunate to already have some wonderful installations that aptly reflect our heritage and our culturally diverse community.

“These include the public art exhibited at Sunshine Train Station; Eagle at the Federation Trail in Brooklyn; the Seeds of Hopes and Dreamsinstallations in St Albans and the mural at Keilor Library.

“What I love about public art is that it helps us all to connect to the community that we live, work and play in – and it’s inspirational as well as aspirational,” Cr Congreve said.