Our shared vision for a healthy, safe and proud community


Brimbank Council has developed a shared vision for the community we want to be in 2040.

Together with representatives from across our community, Brimbank Council has developed a shared vision for the community we want to be in 2040.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Margaret Giudice said Council was proud to have adopted the Brimbank Community Vision 2040 following community feedback.

“This vision is a shared document between Council and the community – which sets out our goals for Brimbank as we approach 2040.

“I want to thank everyone who took the time to provide input – including more than 1,000 people and 20 organisations who shared their ideas and hopes for Brimbank to help us create this vision.

Brimbank is Growing

“Brimbank is growing and changing. By 2041, we expect Brimbank’s population to grow to 230,000 – that’s another 25,000 people.

“This growth will place more demands on transport, the environment, our economy and our community.

“This is a plan for Council, partner organisations, and the community to work together so that the Brimbank we live in 20 years from now is a place we can all be proud of,” Cr Giudice said.

Shared Vision

The document outlines key directions and community aspirations around the themes of people, place and prosperity. It also sets out a shared vision for the Brimbank community in 2040:

By 2040, the Brimbank community will be healthy and safe and we will be united through a sense of belonging and pride.

Our city will be inclusive, resilient, innovative and vibrant and our people will share equally in the City's prosperity and opportunity.

The environment will be protected and enhanced and Brimbank’s diverse neighbourhoods and housing will offer something for everyone.

Council adopted the Brimbank Community Vision 2040 at its 18 September Ordinary Council Meeting, after the draft vision was endorsed for public consultation in May.

Council has worked with partner organisations to develop the draft Collective Impact Plan 2018-21 which outlines the work that will be undertaken over the next three years towards achieving the community’s vision and how we will track our progress. The Plan will be finalised with partner organisations over the coming months.