Park your view with us! New Draft Brimbank Parking Strategy

Have Your Say on the Draft Brimbank Parking Strategy

We're thinking hard about how to manage parking challenges in a better, more planned way. 

Brimbank Mayor Cr Lucinda Congreve invited people to park their view with Council on a new Draft Brimbank Parking Strategy.

“Parking is a big issue for most councils and communities.

“We’ve all been there – trying to drop off the kids, get to the train station, or grabbing the milk and bread, and having to drive around the block trying to find a park. Every now and again you get lucky, but the perfect parking spot can be pretty hard to find.

“And of course, depending on who you or your family are, and what stage you’re at, parking needs can actually be really different from person to person.

“Brimbank City Council is thinking hard about how to manage parking challenges in a better, more planned way.

“For councils, our challenge is to strike a balance between providing sufficient parking options across the municipality, providing for a diversity of travel modes, and making sure we’re still providing quality urban places for our community that also promotes economic vitality.

“We’re now looking for people to park their opinions with Council - we want to get the community view on the new Draft Brimbank Parking Strategy. We’d like to hear from everyone on this important matter.

“Feedback options include an online survey for busy people who don’t have too much time but do have an opinion. Other stakeholders like associations, developers, special interest groups and public transport stakeholders may wish to provide more substantial feedback.

“Feedback may be provided through the online survey, or through printed feedback forms available at our customer service centres and on our website,” the Mayor said.

The Draft Brimbank Parking Strategy will provide the policy basis for the provision and management of car parking across the municipality

The draft strategy will guide effective parking management across Brimbank - in town centres, residential areas, at railway stations, and at other places that draw large volumes of people, like schools, hospitals, places of worship and industrial areas.

The draft strategy includes a range of actions to guide Council’s work over the next 10 years to address and respond to car parking, and proposes a ‘manage’ approach in the short to medium term and a ‘transform’ approach over the longer term.

Written submissions on the draft strategy must be received by 5pm on 14 May 2019. More information is available on our Have Your Say page.