Partnerships approach moooves Kelly’s Man lifting cow project to Sunshine


Partners and supporters who have helped achieve the Man lifting cow sculpture coming to Sunshine have been announced.

Brimbank Chair of Administrators John Watson has announced the partners and supporters who have helped bring John Kelly’s Man lifting cow sculpture to Sunshine. The announcement was made at the commissioning launch on Tuesday 10 November at Fundêre Studios, Sunshine.

Usually the preserve of major city centres like London, Paris and Monte Carlo, this sculpture will act as a beacon signifying Sunshine’s re-emergence as one of Australia’s great centres.

“Great art has the power to encourage further access to the arts, contribute to economic development, boost social capital, enrich communities and revitalise civic pride in the heart of Melbourne’s growing west” Mr Watson said.

The sculpture is expected to be completed and installed in Hampshire Road in 2016.

Partners and Artist Thanked
Mr Watson thanked artist John Kelly for contributing the public art work to the City of Brimbank; Fundêre Studios for assisting in the development of the sculpture and for the sponsorship contributions that made the creation of Man lifting cow possible.

““This major artwork would not have been possible without significant grants, donations and other financial assistance as well as the in-kind contributions in the form of waived fees, donated time and resources" Mr Watson said. “This contribution by John Kelly to his home town is truly extraordinary and will be a permanent legacy to his family’s ties in the area.

“Our list of corporate, philanthropic, local business and arts partners and supporters is testament to Council’s commitment to a collaborative approach and the wider enthusiasm for this iconic sculpture.

Project Partners and Supporters
The three principal partners are

The Sun Foundation is a major supporter.

 Project supporters are

The project partners recognised that Man lifting cow was a valuable addition to Brimbank giving Sunhine an international profile while also inspiring other local artists by demonstrating what is possible.” Mr Watson said. “John Kelly is a role-model for not only what he has achieved in the arts but also for his generosity in giving back to the community where he grew up, Sunshine.

Further partners and supporters who may want to support the Man lifting cow project are invited to contact Brimbank City Council's Civic and Engagements Officer on 9249 4044 or via