Progress on future use of former Sunshine Municipal Office site


Work continues to ensure the best future use and redevelopment of the former Sunshine Municipal Office site.

Demolition is currently underway of the East Wing of the former Council Office Building which was owned by VicTrack and leased to Council. A condition of the lease was that Council must demolish this portion of the office building before returning the land to the property owner.

Mosaic Window Protected

The West Wing of the former Sunshine Municipal Office, which sits on Council land, and contains a large mosaic glass window, is protected by an existing Heritage Overlay.

The existing Heritage Overlay applies to all of the West Wing building, including the mosaic stained glass window visible on the façade of the former civic building. When Council sells the site, the heritage overlay will remain in place to ensure the protection of the mosaic stained glass window and the ‘y’ shape of the building. Any alteration or demolition of the building will require a planning permit and a detailed assessment of the heritage value.

Land Rezoned

Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendment C126, which deals with the rezoning of the land, was split into two parts to allow Council to deal separately with unresolved submissions relating to the West Wing building at 6- 18 Alexandra Avenue, Sunshine.

Amendment C126 Part 1 to the Brimbank Planning Scheme was approved by the Minister for Planning on 22 December 2016. This amendment rezones  

  • the former East Wing and old library land a t20 Alexandra Avenue, Sunshine; and
  • land at 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17 McCracken Street, Sunshine; and
  • land at 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 and 28 Wilkinson Road, Sunshine,

from Public Use Zone to General Residential Zone. An Environmental Audit Overlay is also applied to all the land.

Planning Permit Received for East Wing

A planning permit application has been received for 43 dwellings on the former East Wing site previously owned by VicTrack. Council is currently undertaking an assessment of the proposal, which will be required to be publicly notified.

A decision has not been made on Amendment C126 Part 2, which proposes to rezone land at 6‐18 Alexandra Avenue, Sunshine to the General Residential Zone, apply a Significant Landscape Overlay Schedule to part of the site recognising and protecting of the original garden area located at the entrance to building, and apply the Environmental Audit Overlay.

As there were unresolved submissions on this part of the Amendment, Council had requested the Minister of Planning to refer the amendment to an Independent Planning Panel. The Independent Panel Report has been provided to Council about Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendment C126 – Part 2 which Council has released. Council is reviewing the recommendations of the Report before a decision is made at an Ordinary Council Meeting within the next few months.

At this stage, Council is awaiting the outcome of Amendment C126 Part 2 before proceeding with the sale of this land.