Protecting our neighbourhoods for a sustainable future


Brimbank neighbourhoods must be protected from the potentially damaging environmental and social effects of over-development of its suburbs, Brimbank Mayor Cr John Hedditch said.

Speaking at the Ordinary Council meeting on Tuesday 21 March, Cr Hedditch said Council needed to act now to help make sure future high-density development did not come at a high cost to Brimbank residents and the environment.

“Brimbank encourages appropriate development that embraces environmentally sustainable design. We need appropriate designs which mitigate the risks that can come with high and medium density development including unintentionally creating new urban heat islands,” Cr Hedditch said.

Cr Hedditch said the Victorian Government’s metropolitan planning strategy Plan Melbourne refresh and the implementation of Activity Centre Zones and Residential Growth Zones will encourage higher density development in many parts of Brimbank.

North and west of Melbourne are targeted in Plan Melbourne for the bulk of Victoria’s future population growth. Brimbank is expected to take a large chunk of that population growth", Cr Hedditch said.

More Trees; Innovation Wanted

“All over Brimbank we are planting trees to shade and cool our city in order to mitigate the creeping impacts of climate change. But these high density Activity Centres and Residential Growth Zones could potentially create new heat islands due to insufficient trees and a lack of features like vertical and rooftop gardens.

“We want to see innovative designs in Brimbank that balance nature and built form so that our city becomes even more liveable – now and for future generations.

Good Development for a Liveable City

“Brimbank has much to offer potential developers – with its central location in close proximity to the CBD and connections to Melbourne’s growing outer west.

“We welcome good development that helps create a more liveable city. It’s important that our community has good access to quality open space and we have good tree canopies.

At its Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 21 March, Council resolved to request a report into the impact of the Plan Melbourne refresh in the context of its previously endorsed review of the Brimbank Planning Scheme.

The report on the impact of the Plan Melbourne refresh will be presented to Council at a future date.