Push for less waste, more recycling in draft waste strategy


Under our draft Waste, Recycling and Litter Strategy, you'll be able to recycle more and waste less

Brimbank Mayor, Cr Margaret Giudice said Council was keen for the community to provide its feedback on the draft Waste, Recycling and Litter Strategy 2018-2028.

“We are calling on community members to comment on the draft strategy that will guide Council’s response to the important issue of waste, recycling and litter management in Brimbank.

“The draft strategy outlines the key drivers that influence waste management processes and services in Victoria, and analyses Council’s current waste management systems, policies, educational programs and monitoring processes.

More Items to be Recycled

“We’re proposing to expand the range of items able to be recycled to help reduce the amount of garbage being collected, and to expand on the range of products and materials accepted for recycling at Council’s Resource Recovery Centre in Keilor Park,” the Mayor said.

Key areas of focus in the draft strategy are Household Collection Services, Recycling Centre and Other Opportunities, Education Programs, Litter and Dumped Rubbish, Advocacy and Council Sites.

“The draft strategy is focused on educating the community on waste reduction, and also identifies illegal dumping of rubbish and litter as a significant issue and cost to the Brimbank community.

“The draft strategy also proposes Council advocates with Federal and State government, and other key waste stakeholders, and recognises the needs for Council to lead by example embracing sustainable practices within its own operations,” Cr Giudice said.

The Waste Management Strategy Development Steering Committee, established last May, and the extensive community consultation undertaken in September and October 2017, helped inform the development of the draft strategy.

Written feedback must be received no later than 5pm on Tuesday 17 April 2018.

Hard copy forms may be mailed to Group Manager Operations, Brimbank City Council, PO Box 70, Sunshine VIC 3020.