Putting Energy into Renewal: Our Renewable Energy Capital Works Program

We've installed 70 KW of solar photovoltaic capacity across five sites including

  • Brimbank Community and Civic Centre Civic;
  • Keilor Library; 
  • Hunt Club Community Arts Centre; 
  • Delahey Community Centre; and 
  • Albion Eco-living Centre.

In 2017 we'll add more than 302 KW of solar photovoltaic capacity to the existing 70 KW already installed.

This combined capacity will generat more than 481,000 KWh of electricity each year.

That's equivalent to the energy demand of 96 households!

How much savings will it bring?

Tthe systems will pay back the initial investment within eight years. After that they'll save council and the community more than $87,000 per year (based on current electricity rates).

As a pollution-free source of renewable energy, the systems will also avoid more than 529 tonnes of CO2 per year.

What program are the installations part of?

These works are defined by Brimbank’s Greenhouse Reduction Strategy which has the specific target of reducing Council’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2023.

2017 will be a big year for the strategy with an additional 302 KW of solar capacity and multiple energy efficiency initiatives to be implemented at Council buildings, including Sydenham Library and Community Hub.