Removal of Furlong Road level crossing

Brimbank City Council is supporting a proposed planning scheme amendment that will help remove the dangerous Furlong Road level crossing.

Council has long advocated for the removal of the level crossing.

The project will involve rail under the road and the relocation and reconstruction of Ginifer Railway Station further south.

The removal of the level crossing is now funded and has been fast tracked to be delivered with the Main Road, St Albans Level Crossing project works.

The removal of the Furlong Road level crossing will

  • improve traffic and train flow,
  • enhance vehicle and pedestrian safety.
  • improve access to Sunshine Hospital and the surrounding Sunshine Health, Wellbeing and Education precinct.


Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendment
 Amendment C181 would rezone part of Willaton Street, St Albans and subdivide the land to facilitate the Furlong Road, St Albans level crossing removal project.

Chair of Brimbank Administrators, John Watson said, "Council has engaged with VicRoads about the business case and preliminary design considerations, and will continue to work with VicRoads to ensure high quality design outcomes are achieved for the St Albans community.”

“Given the significance of the project, the community consultation underway by the Level Crossing Removal Authority and the project timelines it's appropriate Council supports VicRoads’ request that the Minister for Planning consider this amendment under section 20(4) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.”