Rubbish Dumper Made to Pay

If you're thinking of dumping rubbish, think again. It'll cost you more than a trip to the tip.

Brimbank City Council has successfully prosecuted an individual who dumped a truckload of waste in Sun Crescent, Sunshine in May 2014.

At the Sunshine Magistrate’s Court on 4 June 2015, the dumper was

  • found guilty of aggravated littering;
  • fined $2000; and
  • ordered to pay $1300 in clean-up costs.

This prosecution shows how Council’s efforts to stem illegal rubbish dumping and littering is paying off. “Dumpers need to know that they cannot dump their rubbish in Sunshine or any part of Brimbank and get away with it" Chair of Brimbank Administrators, John Watson said.

Dumped Rubbish Costs Us How Much...?
About $550,000 each year!

That's how much it costs Council -- and subsequently every resident -- to collect and dispose of illegally dumped rubbish. This money could be better spent on community services.

Detection and Enforcement
Council has increased surveillance and appointed a dedicated litter enforcement officer to undertake dumped rubbish investigations and prosecutions.

Resource Recovery Centre
Council has a Detox Your Home drop-off facility at Stadium Drive, Keilor Park for the safe and lawful disposal of most types of waste at no charge. Check our Landfill Recovery Centres page for what you can and can't take to our facility.

What Council is Doing
undertakes community education, has a Rapid Response unit to pick up dumped rubbish, undertakes local clean ups, and enforces the general local law in relation to dumping and littering.

Report Illegal Dumping
You can help keep Brimbank clean by reporting illegal dumping to Council immediately


If a person is detected committing littering offences they can be prosecuted through the Magistrates Court and face conviction and heavy fines.