Save our creek! Students use art to share hopes for Stony Creek


Students at St Albans Heights and Albion primary schools in Brimbank have turned to art to share their hopes for the future of Upper Stony Creek.

Students have drawn pictures of what they want the Upper Stony Creek site to look like and have presented these to the Mayor of Brimbank, Cr Lucinda Congreve.

“It’s fair to say the impact of stopping work at the Upper Stony Creek Transformation Project goes well beyond the surrounding cyclone fence.

“Since works to rehabilitate the 1.2 kilometre stretch of Upper Stony Creek came to a standstill in July we’ve been talking to the community about the importance of the project.

“We’ve visited primary schools near the Upper Stony Creek site and spoken to students about the project and what it would achieve for the environment and the local community.

“It’s great to see the next generation show such passion for an important local issue by putting their support – and art skills – behind this campaign.

“These are the children who will be the main benefactors of this project.

“We need to show them their future – and place they call home – is important. We need to finish this project - not leave them with a concrete drain and future clean-up bill for a problem they didn’t create and that can be fixed right now.

“We’ll be delivering these drawings, along with our community petition, to the Victorian Government as we continue our efforts to ‘Save Stony Creek’,” Cr Congreve said.

Works on the $11 million Upper Stony Creek Transformation Project, on Melbourne Water land, began in April 2018 and brought together all levels of government, alongside private enterprise.

The project aimed to rehabilitate a 1.2 kilometre section of Stony Creek from a concrete drain back to a green, lush natural wetland, but works are at a standstill after costs blew out due to asbestos contamination.

The project site is adjacent to hundreds of homes, a local school and sporting club.

The completion of this project would provide local students with a world class environmental corridor on their doorstep, offering amazing environmental education, health and wellbeing opportunities for young people in the west.

Brimbank Council launched the ‘Save Stony Creek’ campaign in July 2019 and has been advocating to key stakeholders within the Victorian and Federal Governments to make sure the Upper Stony Creek Transformation Project is completed.

To support the campaign, Brimbank Council has set up a Victorian Parliament Petition which can be accessed at Save Stony Creek.